Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Am Not Your Dog

I am not somebody's pet
I don't like being petted.
My name isn't Buddy or fluffy
I do not have a tail that springs up when I'm excited
Nor am I going to fetch a stupid ball
Rubbing me behind my ears doesn't make me happy
Neither does rubbing at my arms.
I will not sit or stay because you tell me to do so
I do not chase around the yard looking for some toys
I never bark at people too and fro
And honestly if you are treating me like a dog
You should be the one in the dog house

I am not your dog!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I wonder why you took me back into your arms
Thoughts spin through my head about memories almost forgotten
You posses my mind and my heart
For a year we have forgotten the past and each other
We hoped to meet again
The time to meet is now as we now know
For what reasons we will never know
So I continue to wonder why me

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Far Away (Forever) A True Tale

Many think that love cannot survive the largest distance
I do not believe what they have to say
I know it seems like much more than 2000 miles
But numbers don't matter so they claim
People tell me every day that you are not for me
Surely they must mean the other way
I know that I am the one that isn't right for you
And when people say it's you I nearly scream
2000 miles isn't a distance you can simply walk to
A plane is too expensive for us both
I know that many think we won't survive this little issue
Others think that this is just a crush
To you and me and us 2000 miles is an inch
For it feels as if I never leave your side
But I know 2000 miles could be a distance
That keeps me from looking deep into your eyes
You can tell me every day that you love me
In your sleep you can dream of me near you
2000 miles won't change some things though
Like the way I memorize you