Friday, July 30, 2010

What more do you expect?

Only simple words can be whispered
It wasn't about love
Not for him
He claimed love was why he must
But is was just his idea of love
It over ruled him
His force and fear of losing me to the demons of men I surrounded myself with
But his idea of me was wrong
Those guys around me were the only guys I had
For he was only a small portion of my life
Only friends exist in my eyes and he believed that he was all I had
His world wasn't meant to include me
For I was not his Summer Queen*

*Reference to Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Mission Possible

If everything is possible then this is not
Than nothing must also be possible
This world is spinning around contridictions
Its made of everything and nothing
Aiming for the moon can no longer be a goal
We must aim for other solar systems
There are no limits because nothing is impossible
Yet not everything is possible
So we must make our missions possible
Someday everthing will be possible
And then we will have no more missions to run

Monday, July 26, 2010

Only Time Can Tell

Days are numbered falling off the calender with x's
Circles revolve around important dates in time
Only time can tell the secrets of a person's life
Any number one through thirty-one can be special
But only time can tell what is and isn't important
Tick-tock tick-tock slowly slipping into my mind
A burning memory of times greatest memories
Because only time remembers everything
It sees what all others can't see
It knows what no one else ever will
For only time can tell everything

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Words I had once forgotten to say
Written in ink so I couldn't erase
Not in red or black or purple
But written in a sky blue

Footnotes of memories only now remembered
Side notes of things I want to mention at that second
Dear and sincerely saying hello and goodbye
Paragraphs of lines I've been wishing to say

Questions I know won't be answered
Answers to questions I remember you asking
Pictures I always seem to see
As well as the images you sent back through the mail

Memories I hope you still remember
Many have-been's and would-have's
Things I've done and wish I hadn't
Wonders of regrets you might also have

Mess-ups and screw ups and "I fucked up's"
Problems, equations, and solutions
Theories I've been waiting to test
Conclusions to hypotheses I've been hoping to check

I love you's and miss you's
Only letters can scream through the lines
Smiles and frowns I know you will see
Hopes and tears I hope you can't notice within the words

New friends and how I've missed the old
Old friends who no longer miss me
Parents who think that everything is right
Siblings who know everything is wrong

Solid scribbles written on the faded lines
Doodles within the thick margins on the page
Cross-outs and add-ins
Scratched and rips along the strips of paper

What's happened with me
And what I want to know about you
The truth within the many lies
The fakes that only describe who I want to be

My future hopes and what I want to know about yours
Dreams and nightmares that paint my stories
The ones that flow across the letters
Letters I've sent and some written for only me to read

The words that I have only now remembered to place
In between the sincerly and the blank space at the edge of the paper
Words only a letter can contain

Something Surrounds Me

Darkness carresses my skin
Shadows cover the floor around me
Fear slips deep into my heart
The shaking of my bones makes my body sweat
Through the halls of the empty building
Down the blood cover stairs
Only looking at the floor of shadows
Only looking for something to fill my soul with light
But only the moon saves my bruising heart from falling to the darkness