Sunday, October 3, 2010

Forever and a Day (in Progress)

I lay on the bed stripped of my clothing, staring at the ceiling. The sheets were damp and covered in blood. My mouth stood slightly open and I could taste the watered down salt that flowed from my eyes.
The camera across the room still stared down at me. People watched my chained down body through the next room their eyes glowed from the glass window. Men stood around the walls in the same room as me. They murmured and laughed at how soft and weak my body was.
My hair was spread across the chains that held me to the hospital bed within the dark room. I closed my eyes hoping it would all go away but instead I saw the events that brought me into the painful hold.

Last night was supposed to be a night to remember. My fake ID and my provocative clothes were so new to my standards. The club was just another club and it wasn't all that intriguing but it was my first. A tall sexy man wrapped around me as I danced, and he smiled as he watched me. Soon after he had taken me to this room that I now lay and stripped me down to the embarrassment of my existence, and he told me that he would give me two grand if I showed off my body for him.
It was late and I had already had a few drinks up my sleeve and it didn't seem all that harmful but it wasn't long after I crawled on top of him that I was chained down and consumed by his violence and torment. I didn't feel it, I hadn't wanted to and I forced myself to scream in rejection to his acts but it didn't help.
Men wanted the screams they enjoyed the rejection to their glory and pride, it turned them on in a way. This male characteristic was disgusting but I was forced to feel four men's pleasured eyes on me as they watched this man soak me in. I had to hold still as my dignity was stripped from me like the clothes that now lay on the floor.

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